The Sandy River and Rangeley Road Lakes and Predecessors Volume 5


Corrections and Additions to volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Farmington, A Brief History, pp. 1-3,
Sandy River Railroad, Construction, Maintenance, Scrapping, pp. 4-16,
Maine Central Railroad, Sandy River Railroad Yard, pp. 17-19,
Maine Central Railroad Facilities – Pre-1900, pp. 20-36,
Maine Central Railroad – Sandy River Railroad Joint Facilities – Pre-1900, pp. 37-42,
Sandy River Railroad Facilities – Pre-1900, pp. 43-66,
Maine Central Railroad Facilities Post-1900, pp. 67-83,
Maine Central Railroad and SR&RL Railroad Joint Facilities Post-1900, pp. 84-94,
SR&RL Railroad Facilities Post-1900, pp. 95-141,
Farmington Industries, pp. 142-170,
Farmington Downtown, pp. 171-190,
Yard Activities, pp. 191-212,
Farmington Upper Village Area, pp. 213-235,
Fairbanks, pp. 236-279,
Bibliography, pg. 280,
Index, pp .281-284.

Stonybrook Press, 296 pages, large portrait format 10 x 8 x 3 in., Black and White photographs.

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The complete title of this volume is The Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad and Predecessors, The Railroad, Towns and Related Industries Volume 5: The Town of Farmington.

In Volume 5, this series on the SR&RL and predecessors takes a new direction from focusing on equipment (Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4) to focusing on railroad structures, the right-of-way, and industries related to the railroad. Many unpublished photographs, primarily of the railroad and online industries, are presented.