Educational Outreach

This year we have been aggressively reaching out to the neighboring secondary and tech schools namely Rangeley Lakes Regional School, Mt. Abram Regional School in Salem Maine, and Foster Technical School in Farmington Maine. To date we have much progress to report: Several volunteers have come forward from Rangeley and are actively helping. Foster Tech has agreed to make a class project out of a “from scratch” replica build of Flanger 504. Winter ravaged the original to the ground and George Chimenti’s carpentry class will be building the car again according to original drawings and specification that we have lovingly preserved for all.

Community Events

Throughout our operating months we host a number of community-based events. Pictured above-right is our very popular “Ghost Train.” Last year we had over 200 visitors come to enjoy the spooks and goblins found roaming the woods at this time. Additionally, we host a Civil War re-enactment group and are expanding our Living History commitment with the remodel of Ambleside one of our other treasures.