We have established accounts through PayPal to accept donations either via PayPal membership, or by using your credit card. Please make donations of $10, or more, so we aren’t giving a significant percentage to PayPal and/or the credit card companies. Likewise, if you are fortunate enough to be able to make a donation of $1000 or more, please consider sending us a check so we don’t lose several percent on the PayPal transaction fees (plus credit card too, if you don’t have a PayPal account). Currently, we accept donations in the following categories:

  1. Unrestricted: For whatever legitimate purpose we need to spend money on. Could be anything from postage to rail and ties. Or, it could go toward one of the major causes below. To make an unrestricted donation, click here:

  2. Building Fund: For the construction of a Car Barn to store 4 to 6 of our cars that now sit outside through the Maine winters. When we achieve that goal, this fund will be applied towards a replica Covered Depot, and/or a free standing Car Shop. To direct your donation to the Building Fund, click here:

  3. Right-Of-Way Fund: An interest bearing savings account for donations, grants, etc. that are dedicated to the acquisition of right-of-way. This is a long term account due to the amount of funds required to make anything happen. Any ROW we don’t already have clear title to that lies anywhere between Pleasant St. in Phillips and Toothaker Pond in Madrid (that’s 5 miles – one way). Preferably ROW per the 1916 survey, but deviations will be allowed to get around any unavailable sections. Acquisitions need not be contiguous with the current operation. Expenditures from this account require approval of the majority of the board members. Nothing will happen quickly here, but if you would like to help us expand beyond our current 0.5 miles of track, this is the way. To direct your donation to the Right-Of-Way Fund, click here:

  4. Endowment Fund: In the year 2000, we established a securities account with Charles Schwab. The intent of this fund is to secure the long term future of this museum by accumulating sufficient funds in this account that we can pay our ongoing expenses out of the interest. To direct your donation to the Endowment Fund, click here: